"I think that there was a step back by our moving away from multilateralism over the last four years." Andy Blocker, from Invesco, during the last episode of Cartagena Talks about the first 100 days of Joe Biden.

The First 100 Days of Joe Biden. What can we expect from the immediate agenda? What will be the economic policies and their implications for the market? Andy Blocker from Invesco will answer to these questions.

Research: Financial dollarization and de-dollarization in the new millennium

Fidel Jaramillo Buendía has extensive experience in multilateral organizations, public affairs and academy

The Latin American Reserve Fund and the Bank of Spain signed a Cooperation Agreement

On December 10th, FLAR and CAF jointly held a webinar with experts from the central banks of Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru. In this space, issues on financial stability in times of COVID-19 were discussed

FLAR Dialogues: on November 26, FLAR and ECLAC held a joint webinar with José Antonio Ocampo on international financial cooperation

Cartagena Talks: the XXXIV Conference of Central Banks and Official Institutions took place on 17th, 18th and 19th of November

On Octuber 13th, the seventh episode of CartagenaTalks took place. We had the participation of Monica Defend, Global Head of Research de Amundi and Erick Guzmán, International Operations Managing Director of the Central Bank of Bolivia

On October 13, 2020, the Fifth High-Level Dialogue between Regional Financial Arragements and the International Monetary Fund was held

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